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rat-fink13 said: Ayyyyyyy

I’m Kali— pronounced with a long a. What’s your name?

I gotta post for Halloween! Best time of the year, man! HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL MY SPOOKIEST FOLLOWERS! :D & you non-spooky followers, too. KEEP CALM & SCARE ON!

shit, man!

Dearest followers- much apologies for not posting anything in a super long time. I’ve been so busy lately, but I do appreciate everyone’s love. And lots of love to my new followers- ya’ll rock my intellectual world!!

crestfallensouls said: Follow back? :') x

I always follow back(=

never-stop-harvesting said: Hi! Thanks for the follow

you are welcome(:

Anonymous said: You're super pretty, like wow

awe thank you so much. =] I don’t get that very often.

Dear Newest Followers;

Thank you! =] I honestly mean it when I say— feel free (&/or) obligated to talk to me any time!